Metal door for transportable building

Pre-hung door assembly for transportable buildings *Easy Installation *Save Labor Cost

UL Certified Fire rated door for Factories &Commercial buildings

Fireproof door is special for commercial buildings or applications which needs fire protecting doors in emergency gate.

Double Steel Door is for Industrial buildings

Double Steel Door is designed to be a better Industrial buildings. Popular choice for warehouse, escape passage, apartment buildings etc.

PA Door for Modified Container Houses

Popular choice for applications like transportable buildings, modular house,site office, cabins,warehouses,accommodation, hire buildings etc metal clad buildings

Wooden door for Hotels & Rooms

Good choice for Room entrance and Hotel main doors

2017 China Spring Festival Holiday Information

Chinese New Year Festival

2017-1-12 17:08:38 | [Read more...]

New Technology Steel Door

The new door use seamless edge technology suit for special environment-waterproof, radiation protection, uv protection, thermal insulation. Good choice for civil and industrial.

2015-10-22 17:52:38 | [Read more...]

Doors Comparison

Wood Doors & Steel Doors & Fiberglass Doors for your selecting reference

2015-7-28 18:50:09 | [Read more...]

On shore & Off shore Metal doors

Classify and specify doors before ordering which is better for manufacturer and buyer

2015-5-4 17:16:53 | [Read more...]

How to fix rubber seal off from door frame

new recessed channel door frame to hold the rubber seal steady

2015-4-22 17:21:48 | [Read more...]

Metal Door Flow Chart

Metal Door Flow Chart

2014-12-22 19:51:16 | [Read more...]

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